​​​​Dances Around the World

 Ballet Curriculum​​

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Welcome to 
Dances Around the World

Dances Around the World is designed to spark the young child's interest in ballet with imaginative journeys across the globe.  Via, the 'Imagination Shoe Box' you and your class travel to differnt locals learning ballet through songs that capture that elusive attention span of the young child. The monthly lesson plans are written in a narrative format, in essence, you the teacher, are telling a story that your dancers will dance to.

The Complete Volume I is eight lesson plans, eight countries, over 60 original songs, suggested choreography, fun, creative props, (designed for each lesson), for 12 dancers plus teacher,
10 -"Ballet Buddies' (plush animals coordianted with the lesson plan), color pages to copy and send home, a World Map of Adventure, an 'Imagination Shoe Box, and more...


                      Albert Einstein said,

  "Imagination is more important than knowledge. 
                    Knowledge is limited. 

                   Imagination encircles the world."

                         Dances Around the World is brimming with just that 'Imagination'!

                Each lesson encourages children to envision, enlighten, IMAGINE!

        DATW is unique, fun, easy to teach and parents and children of all ages simply love it.

                           Are you ready to experience the adventure of

                   'Dances Around the World'?

​​ "Using the fun and creative songs from the DATW program; my little dancers are learning ballet terms that they would never remember in a traditional ballet class." ​​

Susan, ballet teacher for over 40 years.

"Dances Around the World is so crative and easy to use.  It    saves me hours of prep work; the songs are there, the props are cute and inviting to the dancers and it's all one complete package!"

Kathy Fowler, owner Dance Time LLC

Come join
'Dottie the Dancer' as she,
Dances Around The World

'Dance Like Butterflies' with a friend.

There's a Koi fish swimming in the pond in Japan.

A coupe' will keep the Leprechaun away!

Fly over a puddle with Butterfly Wings in Hawaii.

"Where will our Ballet Adventure take us today?"

​Ballet Butterfly best friends

Map of Adventure and eight CD's 
Mexico, Oklahoma USA, Russia,
Ireland, and Africa.

Volume I 

A year of fun and Adventure

If you could have any color shoes, what color would you choose?