​​​​Dances Around the World

 Ballet Curriculum​​

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Karen Stewart is the creator of Dances Around the World.

Karen was born in St. Louis, Missouri and began her love of dance when she was enrolled at Beutell School of Dance at the age of five.  That year, at recital Karen tapped her tail feathers as a bright yellow canary.

Karen currently teaches ballet and tap at Performing Arts Centre in St. Charles, Missouri.  She also teaches for Dance Time LLC. which brings high quality ballet training to children at preschools and child care centers throughout the St. Louis area.

It was while teaching at Dance Time LLC. that the Dances Around the World curriculum was conceived.  Karen wanted to build a theme based lesson plan where each ballet step had its own song and the song then followed an imaginary adventure to a specific area of the world.  Dances Around the World was born.  DATW brings ballet, a bit of culture, a few foreign words, and even introduces real ballet dancers from the area's adventure, all interwoven into songs and choreography.
  Karen has always been known for her vivid imagination and sense of adventure.  Dances around the World brought it all together.

Karen Stewart is a dance teacher, a children's pastor, an accomplished artist, a vocalist, a crafty crafter, a wife and a mother of four.  She laughingly says that sometimes all those hats are hard to balance but it makes life full and exciting.

You can contact Karen through the website or catch up with her on facebook.

Why choose Dances Around the World. . .

"I love the Dances Around the World program!   It is so creative and easy to use.  It saves me hours of lesson planning time.  Each month, I pull out the lesson plan, playlist and props and I'm ready to teach.  It's easy to customize the lesson plan for different age groups. The songs are so clever and catchy, the students often ask to repeat some of the classwork from 6 months ago.  Students are having so much fun 'visiting' different countries and meeting little animal friends,(Ballet Buddies) they don't realize how much they have learned!"
                     Kathy Fowler, Owner; Dance Time LLC

"I love the DATW program because it gets the children involved in the story and most importantly is a very good way to teach ballet to young children.  For instance, my students from two years ago still remember the song, "Saute the Silly Dog". They are learning ballet terms that they ordinarily would never remember in a traditional class.  They all look forward to the props and can't wait to use them.  Ballet, in my opinion, is not the easiest genre to teach 3-5 year old's without losing their interest in the first few minutes - this program introduces the children to ballet at their level and helps them learn how to actually know and perform the steps while singing and dancing and most importantly, enjoying the class.  I highly recommand this program."
                       Susan, Dance teacher for over 40 years

"I truly enjoyed teaching the Dances Around the World program for my classes.  Each lesson included basic pre-ballet terminology and choreography, all the while tied into an imaginative story complete with music and geography!  Our lessons even included character traits and offered age appropriate examples of how to treat others.  My students were so involved in the story and songs, they didn't realize how much they were learning."
                          Maria M., Dance teacher in St. Charles, MO

"I enjoy teaching the DATW program.  The different stories each month make teaching ballet more exciting, so I'm not using the same songs for the same steps repeatedly.  My students love the catchy songs and the props are so creative."
                           Mara A., Dance teacher

"I highly recommend Ms. Karen and her Dances Around the World program.  When our daughter was two we decided to enroll her in Ms. Karen's pre-school ballet class.  Best decision we ever made, her program exceeded our expectations.
Our world is richlly blessed with so many varied cultures and the DATW program entertains with an assortment of them.  Karen clearly has a talent for teaching young children.  She offered a fun comfortable learning environment to teach basic ballet technique,
With the help of Ms. Karen and her Dances Around the World program my daughter has formed a love for dance well beyond what I could have expected.  Our daughter is now enrolled in, tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, partnering, acro, accelerated tap, lyrical and dances on her studio's competition team. Again, I highly recommend Ms. Karen and her Dances Around the World program."
                              Leslie Payne